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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Editorial Brief


This project came about after realising a gap in the market for a slightly
older generation of travellers.

Too many travel magazines are continual picture, advert, picture, advert, and you don't know where the information is. Old Gapper tries to clearly lay out facts and uses select images compiled of artwork, patterns and photographs.

It works using a dual narrative, the voice of the traveller and the voice
of Old Gapper.

The main article is about Genghis Kahn and a journey that a group of travellers took, following in his footsteps.
"Before you go, there's one person you ought to know about..."

The second article is on the Naadam Festival, "an event that you cannot miss..."

Throughout the magazine I used a series of quick fact boxes as you can see here.
Again this makes the factual information clear and there is no doubt of how
to find it.

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