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Saturday, 26 June 2010

You Decide

You Decide is a campaign idea linked to the YCN brief for Why Let Drink Decide. The brief was to make teenagers aware of the risks of drinking alcohol, in that you might have unprotected sex, take drugs or get into fights. You Decide is based on the idea that teenagers will make their own choices regardless of what others tell them. So without using graphic imagery and shock tactics I aimed to lay out the options before them.
Cards with tips on how to prevent yourself from feeling regretful in the morning. The also have space for a name, address, emergency contact and taxi number so that friends can help you get home.

Three posters

Leaflet to be handed out at schools.

The leaflet extends the choices into a long list. The purple one for example lists choices a girl might make when getting ready for something like a school disco. This highlights the point that although you spend hours deciding how to do your hair, if you have had alcohol you might not consider things like whether to wear a condom or not.

The campaign extended across bags badges and t-shirts. These all have the message I've decided. I think that for teenagers, iconic freebies like this are important to a campaign.

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